At a time when there has been some concern voiced by the industry about the benefits of  signing up to the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI), the Government has moved to bring clarity to the issue and to make competent builders register a legal requirement for work.

The Government has approved the drafting and publication of the General Scheme of the Building Control (Construction Industry Register Ireland) (CIRI) Bill 2017. The register was established by the Construction Industry Federation in consultation with the Department of the Environment as a definitive listing of main contractors and sub-contractors operating in Ireland, competent to carry out works on behalf of public and private clients.

“At the moment I don’t think anybody bothers because it is not statutory. We are paying €600 per annum and this is our third year paying so effectively it is money for nothing,” a leading supplier to the industry told Irish Construction Industry Magazine.  “But I am guessing that it does carry some weight. The interesting thing will be when it does become statutory there will be thousands of unregistered companies out there and it is not an easy task to qualify.”

Minister Coveney T.D. says: “public tolerance for incompetent workmanship has been well and truly exhausted; the establishment of a robust, mandatory, statutory register is critical for the development of a culture of competence and compliance in the construction sector and will complement the reforms which have already been implemented by the Government. I believe that the proposed CIRI register will help to deliver the quality of homes and buildings that people expect and deserve.”

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