Sunday, 19 November 2017

September/October issue

Irish and Proud  Why construction companies should go Guaranteed Irish!

Property speed bumps  PII's David Duffy warns of serious challenges facing the property sector

Gender Balance  DIT eyes up the gender issue


LATEST MARKET TRENDS  How is the industry performing accross the main sectors?

HOUSING BOOST  Innovative funding scheme sees €60m in construction loans to build houses

FIRE ALARM  Could a Grenfell Tower tragedy happen here?

Ireland's Vision for Housing

At some 150 odd pages ‘Ireland 2040 Our Plan’ - The draft  National Planning Framework

Guaranteed Champion

Brexit, skilled labour shortages, and the slow progress in implementing sustainable housing policies are key challenges facing suppliers to the construction sector, according to
business organisation Guaranteed Irish.

6 challenges and opportunities now facing project managers

The construction industry is once again on the rise, and is facing into an era of both opportunities and challenges.

Address the Gender Issue

DIT is launching a mentorship programme for female engineering students, pairing students with successful women mentors from two of the largest multinational engineering companies in Ireland.

 Linking to May/June 2017

Top Construction Companies 2017
The industry’s leading performers and the strategies driving their businesses

Global Economy Trends
Geopolitical Uncertainty the big worry for Global economy

Planning Insight
“Business as Usual No Longer an Option,” IPI

CIRI - What You the Industry Thinks

Irish Construction Industry Magazine continues to examine the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI).

Understanding Fire Legislation and Regulations for Apartments

Irish Construction Industry Magazine asked leading law firm LK Shields to outline the essential elements of current fire safety legislation for apartments and multi-storey buildings.

Initiative Ireland to Finance 60m in Residential Construction

Initiative Ireland has announced that Ireland’s first syndicated property finance platform.

CIRI - a view from the ground

You will no doubt have read in the last issue that the Government has moved to draft the General Scheme of the Building Control (CIRI) Bill 2017

 Linking to Building Information Modelling: An Overview of the process from an Irish Construction Project Management perspective


An Overview of the process from an Irish Construction Project Management perspective

Article written by Paul Stewart